Monday, December 8, 2008

Ten Minute Monday (and a short story...)

First of all, here's the card. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. It just fell into place. I think I may make a bunch more to send out. Although I feel like it's cheating a bit since there is really that little that I have to do.
Stamps: Take a Bough (PTI)
Ink: Rhubarb Stalk
Paper: White, Red, American Crafts Christmas pack
Accessories, etc.: Quickutz Holly Jolly set
And now for the story, it is somewhat related. Ever since American Crafts introduced the paper packs back at the last CHA I have been wanted to get my hands on them. So when Michaels started showing them in the fliers I was thrilled. However I checked out my local store, they didn't have them, so I was a tad miffed. I went back a few weeks later when they were supposed to be on sale for 40%, imagine my shock when they had them in stock. So I grabbed the patterned paper as well as the assorted cardstock. I also happened to pick up a Sizzix die that day. I got to the till, it was a weekend so it was a bit of a wait. Well, the monitor at the till was busted, so I couldn't see the prices of anything. The total came to more than I expected, but I paid it anyway. On the way to the car, I checked the receipt, they were not in the system as a sale item- boo-urns. The last thing I wanted to do was go back and wait to get it fixed. So I waffled with going back later in the week...
Fast forward 2.5 hours, I go to open up my new die, it's completely the wrong one. I had picked up the flower one and it was this strange label. Ummm, no thanks. So I decided to go back right then, I might as well get it all sorted out.
I had a great clerk, she was really helpful and nice as I tried to explain my multiple problems. Well then, I pulled out the paper, it's kept in a cardboard casing by the way, and it slices into my left ring finger. You know how a papercut is annoying and mildly painful, well a cardboard cut is several times worse, you might as well use a knife. I held my finger in my hand, expecting it to stop shortly. Since my hands were abnormally warm, it was bleeding pretty badly. I asked for a kleenex, which of course they didn't have any of. The manager asks if rough paper towel is okay, she's holding up a giant roll, I say "great!". I ended up going through two lengthy sheets, but I kept it all contained. Like I said, it might as well have been a knife wound. It finally stopped some time on the drive home. It was quite ridiculous, this is just so typically me. Keep in mind this is the same week that I already had cut one other finger with aluminum foil (not the blade edge, the actually foil...), as well as receiving some other mysterious cuts on my hands. Apparently my hands just are too soft right now??
Well, anyway, I managed to get everything for the right price, I ended up getting $25 back, so I guess it was worth it. So that's my story, but hey, I've got the paper now.


  1. Yikes, the things we go through for our addictions! This is a beauty, though, worth the hassle! Hope your hands are better!

  2. HA HA Natasha, that story was FAB! You poor thing, you! I have to tell you that it was worth it as this card is totally WONDERFUL!

  3. But the paper is great! So it is good the you struggled through all of that for you art.

  4. LOVE your card, and that story just shows how far we are willing to go to feed our addictions! Whatever it takes... ;)

  5. I really like this card. Glad everything worked out all right.

  6. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?