Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is the last one!

When I used this design most recently, I made 4 different versions. I promise, this is the last one. It's funny, even though they are all the same design, they all have very different looks. That's actually what this post is about- focus on the flowers! By changing the type of flower and the colours you use you can really alter the look of any card! Here I went with an almost Spring theme, since I chose light pink, purple, and olive. The great thing about flowers is how easy it is to achieve different looks. You could make clusters, watercolour the images, do some masking. I suppose you can do these things with any images really, but I find flowers are always so inspiring! There's SO many options out there it's crazy. It's also one of those themes where you can already own several flower sets, but a new one will catch your eye, because just like flowers, floral stamp sets off something new and unique with each design!


  1. Love this! Great color combo, so different and refreshing!

  2. I like the layout of the card. It is very attractive and yet looks like a fairly quick card to put together.

  3. I love this card - the brads in the flowers are perfect.