Monday, September 1, 2008

Embrace Embossing Powders

Embossing powders are one of those supplies that we all seem to have. Once you got serious about this hobby, you likely picked up a heat gun and some powders. It also seems to be one of those supplies that you either LOVE or HATE. I know some people don't categorize embossing as a simple thing, but once you get the hang of it, it's really easy to use. So easy, that sometimes you use it on everything... A couple tips:
  • Find a decent metal tray with an edge to do your embossing in. I have the base of the 48 Pack of Prismacolors . It came in a metal box, and it's great for embossing in. I have found that if I heat emboss something in a metal container, there is less paper warping, since both the front and back gets heated pretty evenly.
  • If you do emboss in a metal container, be careful. It's easy to burn yourself, as well as your embossing powder.
  • Static reducers are good, I have held off on getting one at this point. (It's just not one of those "fun" supplies to buy, however cheap they may be). If you plan on doing any embossing as part of a mass production line, look into getting an embossing buddy. I've also heard that dryer sheets work, but I've never tried them.
  • As convenient as the Powder Pals are, I find that a scrap piece of paper works out best. I have a LOT of colours of embossing powder, and there is nothing as annoying as finding bits of colour in your white powder after you've melted it. The Powder Pals always seem to retain little flecks of powder here and there. Scrap paper is scrap, you can take a new sheet with every new colour.

Here is my card. I need a wedding card this month, and thought a copper theme would be pretty. Think of how extremely dull this card would be if that swirl motif were not embossed!

Supplies: Stamps: All Year Cheer, Baroque Motifs Ink: Versamark Paper: Copper, Shimmery White Accessories, etc.: Copper EP, white organdy ribbon, pop dots


  1. Very classy wedding card. I love embossing and the tips here are excellent. I too use a scap of paper as the powder pals are not my friend either. As for embossing, I use a small pampered chef stone bar pan. Works the same as your tin.

  2. Beautiful card! I love your blog. I have been lurking for a few days.... And have learned a lot.Your CAS cards are awesome.
    Marie H.

  3. Thanks for the embossing tips, Natasha! I'll give the tin a try.

    A tip that I learned from Harriet is to use a coffee filter (in place of the scrap paper.) It really works wonderfully - nothing sticks and you can use it over and over!

  4. Hi, I'm just about planning on investing in embossing tools..Could you recommend the best colors of powders to invest in the beginning and probably some good place to buy them...
    I'm in India and a friend is picking them up for would be easier on her if I could tell her where to buy them...

    Love the card..its just plain awesome!!!