Sunday, June 22, 2008

CAS Tips: White Space

One item that can definitely work to your advantage when creating CAS style cards is white space. Now white space doesn't necessarily have to be white in colour. Essentially it's the absence of stuff. My example is one I made back in the winter, but I think it really provides a good look at the "less is more" type of style. One thing I've noticed, not so much in cardmaking, but definitely in scrapbooking, is that the use of white space on pages is very popular. There's just something very cool and graphic looking to a project that makes use of all that space to bring your eye to the desired focal image. I made this card before I had the square nestabilities. I used some cardstock- a 3-1/4 square and a 3-5/8 square as my templates. With a light table, it is easy to center the cardstock templates . The card base is 4-1/4.


  1. This is great!~ Would you please post the Nestability recipe for the frame? Fewer trees will die if I don't have to experiment :)

  2. I love the look of lots of white space! You really focus on the image! I love your card and the embossed square aound the outside of the card, although subtle, it adds so much. I love this Natasha!

  3. Wonderful card. I love "white space" and your card is the perfect example.