Monday, May 26, 2008

Keeping it Simple

I am loving the feedback so far. Continue sharing what the Clean and Simple style means to you! Some style points that were shared so far:

  • clean lines, punch of colors, minimal embellishments.
  • "white space". . .not every part of the card has to be embellished or stamped on.
  • color balance
  • keeping the focus on the detailed coloring of a main image

So I just wanted to share what my goals for this are. I plan to do about 3-4 updates a week. Of those updates, there are a few features I want to do.

First off, there will be the general tips and whatnot feature- the exploration of what exactly is it about the CAS that works. This has been a continuing learning process for me. These features will consist of observations and suggestions.

Secondly, I thought it'd be nice to do an "Embrace..." type feature. This would be where I would zoom in one a specific type of product and showcase it in the CAS style. Think "Ways to Use It" challenge meets "Keeping it Simple".

Thirdly, and the first of these is today's other post, I want to do a "Fall-to Layouts, Colour Scheme, etc." This will be a collection of those layouts and schemes that I have seen or done that I feel really work with the CAS style.

Lastly (for now), I would also like to do the occasional CAS artist feature. I am by no means the expert in this area, and it's always awesome to see what others do with the CAS style.

I'm sure I'll add in other features, maybe modify some as the blog goes one. And of course, once I have a few other designers on board, there will be even more CAS stampers' creations to see!


  1. I love your "plan" and can't wait to see more in your future posts!!!

  2. Sounds wonderful! I look forward to ALL of your features! :)

  3. Looks like you're off to a great start!!! Can't wait to see more!

  4. Hi Natasha

    Thanks for your list of clean and simple-items. Another very important thing for cas-cards (well I beleive it is important), your paper. I mean the sort of paper you use. I think paper with a real nice structure can make a lot of difference. I like bazzil because of it's structure and I also like linnen paper for the same reason.


  5. Just stumbled onto your blog and LOVE it. This is definitely my taste, I struggle to add more and more and go out of my comfort zone but clean and simple is what I love and always go back too!

    I was actually just saying this on my blog...

    I will definitely be following your new blog!