Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Embrace... Glitter!

Glitter is one of those embellishments that I cannot get enough of. It is also one of those embellishments where a little bit can go a long way. When used sparingly or on a particular focal point, it can make the perfect impact, especially with the CAS style! For my card today, I started out with an embossed square image. Next I stamped this adorable crown from gel-a-tins Royal Flush set on the paper in silver ink. Now this next step could be done with whichever method has proven successful for you in the past- apply the glitter. I couldn't find my glue pad, so I tried Heat & Stick powder. Well that was somewhat not as pretty as I had hoped. Instead I went with a tried and true for me glue applying technique. I use an empty pen and dip that into a pile of glue and "colour" over image. I apply the glitter to completed areas. This may sound complicated or long, but it's really quick! The greeting is from Verve Visual's Great Expectations. I thought it seemed appropriate to pair it with the crown. Other CAS tips/notes for this card:
  • I paired a dark jewel toned paper with a metallic paper and ink. This makes a bold impact.
  • All about the proportions again- the card is 4-1/4-inch square, the navy piece is 4-inch square, the silver piece is 2-1/2 inch square.
  • The brads in the corners, they serve no functionality other than making the navy piece not so plain.
  • Pop Dots- I cannot stop using them, the navy layer is raised up. The extra dimension always adds a bit more interest to the card.

I saw that a few people have already used the sketch I provided the other day! That's awesome! I also forgot to add in a good keyword for use at SCS, but I saw that you are an intelligent bunch and wisely marked them as FTL1. So that seems like a good format to use for the Fall-to Layout features. For the "Embrace" features, a keyword seems unnecessary, just uploading with the CAS keyword seems sufficient.

Sorry folks, this picture had to be temporarily removed. Look for it in the coming months in Card Creations, Quick & Easy.


  1. Wow, great card! I never think to use glitter but will definitely give it a try now!

  2. Wow, Natasha! I love this. This is amazing in such a CAS way. :-)